The Beginning

Beginning with a Dream, Continuing with a Passsion

PRHeSS was founded in 2007 by Dr. Sam and Mary Kormoi.  Their homeland, Sierra Leone, endured a brutal civil war that lasted eleven years and finally ended in 2004.  The catastrophic effect on sierra Leone was almost impossible to comprehend leaving the infrastructure of the nation almost non-existent.

Dr. Sam and Mary wanted to help.  They had to address the most basic needs of their communities.  They dreamed of bringing restoration and wholeness to the villages they called home.  The worked to regain trust and restore hope.  Their dream of restoring a sustainable community was being brought to life.  Then two events occurred which would inspire them to expand their work even further. 

A trauma that had a profound impact on the Kormois occurred a decade ago.  A pregnant young lady who lacked any sort of pre-natal care bled to death on the roadside grass giving birth to twin sons.  The decision to build a hospital to prevent needless loss of life became a driving ambition.  The hospital is a reality.

In the summer of 2018, another trauma occurred.  Ftmata Swaray, age 17 died of chondroblastic osteosarcoma, a cancer that first appeared in her right ankle.  In spite of efforts to bring her to the United States for treatment, she succumbed to her illness before she could be treated.  Her illness would not have taken her life if she lived in a country with basic health care. 

Sierra Leone doe not have the diagnostic capability of an MRI nor does it have any cancer treatment facility available.  Dr. Sam and Mary are now working to procure a portable digital -Ray unit with digital Ultrasound that can transmit for analysis in the United States.  They dream of diagnostic equipment that could service all of Western Africa.

The Fallay Wuah residents are active participants in this work.  They work together to support the community development in their villages.  Men and women are equally engaged in the physical work and are paid equally for their efforts.  PRHeSS dreams of bringing their community infrastructure model to the rest of Sierra Leone and to all of Western Africa.